Florida Elevator Modernization

Modernizations & Upgrades

Florida Elevator Inc. specializes in modernizing existing older elevators. After years of continuous operation, the controls and drive systems of any elevator can become less dependable, despite quality maintenance. Breakdowns become more frequent and more difficult to repair as components become out of date and at times are no longer offered.

Whether we currently provide service for your elevators or not, we will be happy to perform an in-depth analysis of your elevators. Often we find that problems you may be having with your elevator systems is a result of poor maintenance, which can be fixed with some upfront repairs followed by a better and more efficient service program.

However in some cases the overall wear and lack of adequate service to the elevator might indicate that a more extensive modernization is in order.

Our highly knowledgeable and experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect and survey the equipment to carefully design a modernization proposal to best upgrade the current elevator system. With Florida Elevator Inc. you can always rest assure that what is proposed on our submittals (labor, new materials and equipment) are all comprehensive in that scope of work yet not inefficient or unnecessary!